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Thank you for your interest in DEX! We’re proud of our success within the supply chain industry and pride ourselves on our dynamic work atmosphere and talented staff. As industry leaders since 1980, we provide robust supply chain solutions in a large variety of industries and solutions worldwide. Our environment is fast-paced, exciting, and constantly changing. We’re looking for new team members who are eager to join this ever-growing industry and look forward to contributing their talents and experience.

Our Approach
Simply put, our company is successful as a result of the dedication, drive, results, and a “can do” attitude of our employees. At DEX, we’re continually working to achieve success and unbeatable results—all of which contribute to a highly satisfying work experience.

Rewarding Environment
DEX’s workplace is all about getting the job done in the most efficient and effective way possible. All of our employees practice honesty, integrity, and respect by upholding a high standard of conduct and performance.

Empowerment and Creativity
As a high-tech company constantly finding new, innovate processes and techniques, we welcome new ideas and suggestions. We’re always open to the possibilities. In fact, we welcome them.

Worldwide Possibilities
With facilities in California, Ohio, Europe, and Asia, we embrace the value that individuals bring from different backgrounds and cultures.

Come Join Us!

Click here to take a look at our current job openings around the world and apply online. Or, you can submit your resume for consideration (we’ll review your qualifications and add it to our database of prospective employees). We offer a competitive compensation package including health and dental benefits, plus profit sharing.
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